Sea Turtle Volunteer Program

Each summer in Atlantic Beach, and all along Bogue Banks, Sea Turtle Nesting season is from May 1 through October. Of the seven sea turtle species, five are found in NC waters and loggerheads are the most common turtle nesting on NC beaches. These amazing animals need to be protected.

To help protect these endangered animals, NC Wildlife Resources Commission has volunteers that walk the beaches every morning looking for sea turtle crawls that indicate a nest has been laid. The nest is then roped off until it hatches, 50-60 days later. Before the nests hatch, volunteers watch the nests in the evening to help ensure the hatchlings make it to the ocean.

Help protect sea turtle nests by volunteering with the North Carolina Sea Turtle Project. Contact the Atlantic Beach Sea Turtle Volunteer Coordinator:

Michele Lamping        ABseaturtlecoordinator@hotmail.com

How can you help?
Turn off or shield bright oceanside lights during nesting season so turtles don't get confused when trying to reach the ocean.

When walking the beach at night, use flashlights with a red filter. The red light will not distract or deter the turtles.

Take care of your trash and pick up litter so sea turtles and other animals don't choke or become entangled.

Remove all chairs, umbrellas, cabanas and other obstacles overnight to help provide safe movement for and prevent obstructions to, nesting sea turtles during Summer-Fall nesting season. They may block nesting females and new hatchlings.

Fill in any holes you find dug on the beach. People and nesting females can fall into holes and injure themselves.

Keep your pets and children away from designated nest sites on the beach.

Visit www.seaturtle.org to learn more about sea turtles.

Report any nesting activity or injured and dead turtles you encounter to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, 252-247-4003.

Structures like this can entangle sea turtles and prevent sea turtles from nesting.